Biomason 2024 Video

Learn how Biomason is changing the world by changing the way we make cement

Manufacturing concrete is one of the biggest contributors to CO₂ in the atmosphere. Concrete production currently causes at least 8% of total global carbon emissions.

Instead of harming nature, Biomason has created a proprietary way of putting nature to work for us.

Rather than deploying heaps of heat and pumping out CO₂, we have tamed, and now breed, bacteria that combine common, natural materials into a binder that produces high quality concrete, replaces Portland cement, and cuts carbon emissions by up to 60%.

And because we are using common materials, our concrete reduces unit cost and increases margin for concrete producers. Best of all, our solution isn’t theoretical. It’s in production and ready to scale. Fast.

In Denmark, our first factory produces concrete precast tiles continuously for customer orders and is currently being expanded to 50,000 square meters, with the potential for additional expansion.