Customer Installations

Aarhus, Denmark (Upcoming 2024)

The Living Lab in Aarhus will be Denmark's tallest wooden building. Working with FRONT®, Biomason is supplying biocement floor tiles for this project. Aarhus is a coastal city, located less than an hour away from Biobeton factory in Ikast.

(Image from Lendager)

Tower Bridge Court
London, England (Upcoming 2024)

FORE, a real estate firm active in the UK and Europe, is developing the Tower Bridge Court project to be a net zero carbon landmark in London. Working with FRONT®, Biomason is supplying biocement floor tiles for the project. Learn more about Biomason's collaboration with FRONT® here.

Kirkebjerg Lake Park
Brondby, Denmark

AKF Group, a property developer in Denmark with an eye toward community, innovation, and sustainability, installed these floor tiles in a high-traffic laundry area in a building in Brondby, just outside Copenhagen. This was the first installation completed using tiles produced at the Biobeton factory in Denmark.

Helix Lab Research & Education Center
Kalundborg, Denmark

Biomason's first installation in Europe was at the Helix lab in Kalundborg. Helix Lab is a research and education center for advancing the bioindustry. Biocement floor tiles were installed through a partnership with AP Pension.

Stockholm, Sweden

Biomason collaborated with H&M's Circular Innovation Lab on indoor tile development. This installation was completed in a kitchen area at H&M's headquarters. Read more about the collaboration here.

Honeysuckle Tea House & Meadery
Chapel Hill, NC USA

The Honeysuckle Tea House & Meadery is an event space focused on the natural environment. Biomason's natural bacteria undergo a fermentation process, and this backsplash was installed behind the Honeysuckle's bar, where fermented beverages are served.

Martin Marietta HQ
Raleigh, NC USA

This outdoor patio was installed at Martin Marietta's headquarters. Tiles were produced in North Carolina using 85% aggregate fines from Martin Marietta and 15% biocement.