World’s First Biocement Factory

Industrial manufacturing

Biobeton means bio-concrete in Danish. Located in Ikast, Denmark the Biobeton factory is the result of a 3-year partnership between Biomason and IBF, the largest producer of precast concrete in Denmark. The factory uses the same industrial equipment found in paver and block factories, including a mixer and a press, with feeding and curing systems adapted so that biocementation can occur. Biobeton’s products contain zero ordinary Portland cement. The factory has been in continuous production since its qualification in July 2023, with product distribution to the European market.

Located in the heart of Denmark’s innovative landscape

Biomason’s subsidiary, Biomason Denmark ApS, is located in an industrial hub within the Jutland region in the center of Denmark. Full-time engineers and scientists are supporting expansion of Biobeton’s production capabilities, with offices next to the factory floor and a fully-equipped lab for on-site testing. The Danish office is also a hub for business development,  including licensing and project development with partners in Europe.

Process efficiency and sustainability

The Biobeton facility is undergoing upgrades to increase process efficiency and throughput, resulting in reduced raw material usage, lower cost, and lower embodied carbon. Biomason is committed to manufacturing excellence, waste reduction, and sustainability by minimizing the amount of raw materials needed to bind aggregate into high-performing concrete.