Fusing biology with technology to usher in a new era of construction

For more than 200 years, traditional cement production has released carbon dioxide as a byproduct of burning limestone but discarding the carbon. Instead, Biomason learned how nature grows one of its most robust and enduring structures: coral. Taking inspiration from marine ecosystems, the company builds calcium carbonate crystals to bind together aggregate and form natural, sustainable concrete products with high compressive and flexural strength.


Biocement grows in ambient temperatures, building with carbon to create concrete products.

Micro organisms

World-class, multi-disciplinary R&D team

Biomason’s R&D team is improving the products we are making now and positioning us to expand into other segments of the concrete market. We have brought together leading talent in biotechnology, chemistry, materials science, process engineering, and systems engineering who are inspired by the joy of discovery, the challenge of development, and the constraint that industrial manufacturing processes must be cost-competitive to succeed.