Disrupting the construction industry since 2012


  • Commissioned world’s first biocement factory – Biobeton in Ikast, Denmark
  • Army-SBIR contract to further develop large format precast through biocement barriers for military applications
  • Exhibited large bioconcrete structures at Renewed Materials with 3XN in Copenhagen
  • Smithsonian Institute / Cooper Hewitt National Design Award for Climate Action


  • Series C
  • Biomason Denmark ApS established
  • First large format precast wall – 15’ Revetment Wall
  • First Carolina Barrier
  • AFRL contract to develop biocement infrastructure for runway and airfield augmentation


  • DARPA-supported development of military applications of biocement, including dust control in vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) operations
  • 50’ ELMc Installation
  • Partnership with H&M to develop a large, thin tile
  • First product installation in Denmark
  • Partnership developed with IBF


  • Moved into current headquarters at 2 Triangle Drive in RTP
  • Concrete Development and Production Center in RTP, with press and aggregate automation
  • Biolith tile commercial product launch


  • Series B


  • Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial Wall


  • DARPA contract to study Engineered Living Marine Cement (ELMc) using self-sustaining marine microorganisms that source nutrients from seawater for calcium carbonate precipitation, resulting in structures with self-healing abilities.


  • First equipment for pressing pavers and tiles, using vibratory compaction


  • First pilot plant
  • First installation of pavers in an outdoor courtyard at Dropbox HQ in California
  • Series A


  • First patent issued
  • Move company into larger space to accommodate expansion
  • Total Headcount: 12
  • First patent issued


  • Seed Round
  • NSF Grant
  • Winner Postcode Lottery Green Challenge
  • Winner Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation
  • First office at NC Biotechnology Center in Research Triangle Park (RTP), North Carolina
  • Move into First Flight Venture Center in RTP
  • First 300L fermentation
  • Total Headcount: 5


  • Ginger Krieg Dosier and Michael Dosier found Biomason Inc. on March 19, 2012
  • Total Headcount: 2


  • First full size biocement masonry unit
  • First biocement samples made with Martin Marietta aggregate


  • First biocement masonry prototype
  • First patent application
  • Ginger Krieg Dosier wins the Metropolis BigFix Award ‘The Better Brick’


  • Ginger Krieg Dosier asks: “What if we could grow cement?”