Born out of inspiration, grounded in application

We live in concrete jungles, and concrete requires cement. If cement were a country, it would be third in emissions behind the U.S. and China. Biomason uses biotechnology to offer a planet-friendly alternative to traditional cement. Founded in North Carolina in 2012, with manufacturing and market development based in Denmark, we have been selling high-performing, sustainable products for the past five years and are expanding our presence with a focus on the European market. Tile products that meet compressive and flexural strength requirements are available today and have been installed in the US and Europe. Additional products, including pavers and walls are in the technology development phase.


“We look to the blueprints that nature gives us to rethink concrete.”

Biomason Employee Photo

Cost-competitive concrete available today

Instead of harming nature, Biomason has created a proprietary way of putting nature to work by taming bacteria that are capable of combining common, natural materials into a binder that produces high quality concrete and can replace Portland cement. Using common materials reduces unit cost and increases margin for concrete producers. Our solution isn’t theoretical. It is in production and ready to scale.

Mission and Vision