About Us

The formal inception of bioMASON humbly began as response to an overwhelming positive reaction after winning an international design award: Next Generation “The Big Fix” by Metropolis magazine. Submission for the award was a proposal for masonry that was “grown” in contrast to being “fired”. The idea to grow masonry emerged from a study of coral structure: a very hard cementitious material created by nature in ambient sea temperatures with low energy and material inputs. Seven years has gone by fast, and the process has since been refined for commercialization through high performance and reduced production costs.

We formed bioMASON because we believe there is a better solution for reducing Co2 emissions generated by global masonry and cement manufacturing. bioMASON employs bacteria to “grow” a durable cement in ambient temperatures between loose grains of aggregate; producing building materials without emitting greenhouse gases, and without the depletion of non-renewable resources.

bioMASON is an amazingly unique organization of individuals from multiple disciplines   16+ and counting, which is something we value as part of collaborative culture. It takes a diverse team to plow through challenges and opportunities. This is exhibited through open workspaces,  labs and manufacturing. bioMASON was founded upon iterative approaches and out of the box thinking.


Our Principles:

We are DOERS

We Lead, and Teach, by Example

We Demonstrate Integrity and Excellence, Always

We are Lean and Resourceful

We Hold Ourselves, and Each Other Accountable

We Grow Together

We Celebrate Achievement!







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Stichting Doen Foundation
North Carolina Biotechnology Center
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge
Biomanufacturing Training and Education Center
National Science Foundation
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