Revolutionizing Cement with Biotechnology

High quality concrete grown with natural materials

We’ve built our world with concrete, and we’re still building. Concrete is strong, versatile and cheap, but manufacturing concrete requires mountains of cement. Making cement requires heaps of heat to break down raw materials and bind them together again, and is responsible for 8% of total carbon emissions. Instead, Biomason has tamed and is now breeding bacteria that combine common, natural materials into a binder that produces high quality concrete, replaces Portland cement, and cuts carbon emissions. Biocement is a more planet-friendly reinvention of traditional cement.

We bind carbon into stable calcium carbonate, just like nature

Traditional cement is made by burning limestone, but discarding carbon in the process. Inspired by nature, Biomason uses biology to build calcium carbonate biocement. Carbon is put to work in the formation of calcium carbonate crystals in the pore spaces between aggregate particles. Enzymatic processes from microorganisms replace the need for high energy, eliminating direct emissions. The result is concrete that sequesters carbon.

Biomason’s concrete products contain zero Portland cement.

Manufacturing in Denmark

Biomason offers an alternative production method to concrete producers, who are essential to the economy, but are squeezed into the middle of the supply chain between cement producers and customers. Biomason and IBF, the largest precast concrete producer in Denmark, developed the Biobeton factory in Denmark, where Biomason’s products are currently manufactured. The factory, which was qualified in 2023, uses the same industrial equipment found in paver and block factories, including a mixer and a press, with feeding and curing systems adapted so that biocementation can occur.


We seek team members who take pride in their work, find joy in what they do, and want to be part of solving cement, one of the most pressing climate challenges. Innovation thrives here, fueled by a passion for sustainability. Visit our open positions.